IAD Mission Coaching Training.

  • Webinar: Principles of Attitudinal Change For Coaches.
  • English Quiz
  • Spanish Quiz
  • French Quiz
  • Webinar:  The Coach As A Spiritual Leader
  • English Quiz
  • Spanish Quiz
  • French Quiz
  • Webinar:  Motivating Your Coachees
  • English Quiz
  • Spanish Quiz
  • French Quiz
10:00 -10:022The Initial WordsBalvin BrahamVideo #1 
10:02 -10:075MusicMelchor FerreyraVideo #2 
10:07 -10:092PrayerAbel MarquezVideo #3 
10:09 -10:3122Principles of Attitudinal Change for coachesBalvin BrahamVideo #4 
10:31 -10:354MusicMelchor FerreyraVideo #5 
10:35 –10:5520The Coach As A Spiritual LeaderMelchor FerreyraVideo #6 
10:55 – 11:005MusicMelchor FerreyraVideo #7 
11:00 – 11:3030Motivating Your CoacheesFaye PattersonVideo #8 
11:30 – 11:322Concluding Words and PrayerMelchor FerreyraVideo #9 
HoraMinutosDescripciónPersona ResponsableTraductoresEsp/IngTraductores Francés
10:00 -10:088Las palabras inicialesBalvin BrahamVideo #1 
10:08 -10:124Música Video #2 
10:12 -10:142OraciónPastor Joseph SmithVideo #3 
10:14 -10:3824Fundamentos del programa de Misión CoachingBalvin BrahamVideo #4 
10:38 -10:424Música Video #5 
10:42 –11:1735Principios básicos de comunicación en el coaching misioneroMelchor FerreyraVideo #6 
11:17 – 11:225MúsicaMelchor FerreyraVideo #7 
11:22 – 11:5331Principios del CoachingSamuel TelemaqueVideo #8 
11:53– 12:0714Cómo construir una relación con tus CoacheesPedro IglesiasVideo #9 
12:07 – 12:1710Palabras finalesBalvin BrahamVideo #10 
12:17 – 12:2508Palabras finales y oraciónMelchor FerreyraVideo #11 
10:00 – 10:088Les premiers motsBalvin BrahamVideo #1 
10:08 – 10:124Musique Video #2 
10:12 – 10:142PrièrePastor Joseph SmithVideo #3 
10:14 – 10:3824Fondamentaux du programme Mission CoachingBalvin BrahamVideo #4 
10:38 -10:424Musique Video #5 
10:42 –11:1735Principes de base de la communication dans le coaching missionnaireMelchor FerreyraVideo #6 
11:17 – 11:225MusiqueMelchor FerreyraVideo #7 
11:22 – 11:5331Principes du coachingSamuel TelemaqueVideo #8 
11:53– 12:0714Comment construire une relation avec vos coachésPedro IglesiasVideo #9 
12:07 – 12:1710Mots de conclusionBalvin BrahamVideo #10 
12:17 – 12:2508Mots de conclusion et prièreMelchor FerreyraVideo #11 

Welcome to Inter-American Division’s Mission Competency Coaching: A Discipleship Initiative. We aim to equip you to share the everlasting gospel of Jesus, expressed in the Three Angels Messages, to our region and the world. Our entire team is dedicate to helping you experience growth and improved competency in kingdom service.


Pastor Elie Henry

We are counseled by Ellen White to find new methods to accomplish the work of our Lord and to help souls saved for His kingdom (Evangelism page 122). In inter-American, we are committed to find and utilize innovative and creative means to fulfill the mission of our Lord.

Through this special program of coaching, we are anticipating that more of our members will make themselves qualified through the power of the Holy Spirit to achieve more for Him.

We welcome every members who participates in this program to upgrade their competencies and to collaborate to fulfill the mission.

Please enjoy the program, become a coach or a coachee and let us be used by the Lord to achieve more for Him.

Welcome and thank you for saying, I Will Go! 

Messages From The Coordinators

Pastor Balvin Braham
Vice President, IAD

This Mission competency coaching program is an essential initiative that we have created as a church in this Division to equip members to upgrade their skills and knowledge base to impact others with the faith of Jesus. 

The constant update of technology and new applications on social media with their varied contents provide a great deal that keep many persons occupied and engaged with the secularity.

These distractions in today’s societies pose huge challenges for Christian believers.

Seventh-day Adventists in particular face many unique challenges as we seek to attract the attention of others with the Gospel of Christ. 

However, members of the church are invited to utilize this technological space to make a significant spiritual difference in their personal lives and of others. We invite you to choose your track, get engaged, become equipped and share your faith as a coach or a coachee.

 Enjoy this mission competency coaching program and get involved in mission! 

Pastor Melchor Ferreyra
Director of Personal Ministries, IAD

It is a privilege for me to participate in this new era in the training of pastors and church members through this new training paradigm. It is new, agile, easy to use and will be available on our platforms and social networks.

This new Curriculum aims to reach each church member in a practical way with an attractive offer, encouraging them to fulfill the purpose of Total Member Involvement

Every church in Inter-America must become a practical school of Christian workers in the service of preaching the gospel.

Training each layperson is the most powerful activity of the church. It is a weapon to achieve success in the Mission of the Lord.  It is our purpose to make this curriculum available to you with a variety of possibilities for each area of the church.

Objective:  To equip leaders and members of the church to develop competencies for kingdom business in sharing their faith with others and to remain faithful disciples of Christ  

Theme Text:2 Timothy 4:2-5
Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.

Spirit of Prophecy Quotation:

“If every Seventh-day Adventist had done the work laid upon him, the number of believers would now be much larger than it is” (Testimonies, vol. 9, page 25). 

The Coaching Program:

Coaching is a practice in which the coach and the person being coached (coachee) collaborate to assess and understand the person that is being coached, the person’s need for development and to help the person to develop capacity to achieve goals and to maintain effectiveness. 

The goal of this coaching program is to assist the leaders and members of the Church to improve effectiveness in the area of soul winning and retention of members within the Church. 

Members of the churches will be recruited to participate in this mission competency program to lead and influence others to accept Christ as their Savior and remain committed to Him as members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is not a program that is foisted upon every member of the church, though it is anticipated that every member would develop an interest to participate. Members will voluntarily determines their willingness to participate.

Three key concepts of the Coaching Framework
1. The relationship – the context within which the coaching occurs between the coach and the persons being coached (coachee).

2. Assessment, Challenge, and Support – These are the core elements that foster the development of the coachees’ competencies. Each coachee will complete a simple  personal assessment inventory relevant to their competency in leading souls to Christ. 

3. Results – This is the measurable goals or visible outcomes that the coaching process focuses on achieving. It includes behavioral change in the way members relate to the mission of leading souls to Christ and the actual numeric results of people being won to    Christ and remain faithful disciples.